Our Projects

Step Student and School Manager (SSM)SSSM is a comprehensive and effective Network based solution for managing schools from Nursery, Senior High to tertiary Institutions. It Tracks Student Registration and bio Data, School Fees & Tuition Collection, Student Examination Performance (Terminal Exam, Mock Exam etc.) .The system prints out and tracks Payment Receipt and Terminal Report (With Student Picture & School Logo)...Screen Shots

Step Production Manager (SPM) SPM is a tried and tested network based application that takes into consideration the very need of a viable production and sales outlet business. activities .

Step Savings and Loans Manager (SSLM)SSLM is designed to suite the need of   a growing savings and loans company or growing bank.

For a detailed list of projects Contact Projects Hotline: +233273430686 or mail us on: info@stepmicrosystems.com