Step Student And School Manager

Login Screen

User Authentification:Provides Secure Access- SSSM is a fully networked fully secured application.The security functionality provides administrators of the software flexibility of creating operational groups and applying rights and permission to that group which affects all users within the group, Administrators can provide login days,time and duration for users.The software was built with ease of use in mind,but no compromising on security,All activities in the sofware are tracked by an audit functionality and the resulting audit report can be viewed anytime by the administrator.

 Student Registration and Bio Data Screen

Student Registration and Bio Data Screen- From this screen users with the right privilages and permissions can register students and add all the student bio data e,g their names,courses,pictures, parent address and contacts , allergies and ailments or special needs.The flexibility of the system allow administrators to specify the pattern students ID numbers should follow. . more screen shots